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Jagged Ink

By Carrie Ann Ryan

  • Genre: Contemporary, Books, Romance, Suspense
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The Montgomery Ink: Colorado Springs series continues with a couple fighting to keep what they thought they had and gain what they didn’t know they needed.
Roxie Montgomery met her soul mate when she least expected it. When he asked her to marry him, she thought her happily ever after was only just beginning. Then, she found that walking into the sunset was much harder than her favorite books made it out to be. After a crushing loss, she feels as though she doesn’t know her husband anymore, or rather…she doesn’t know herself.
Carter Marshall has loved Roxie since the first time he saw her. But as the days pass between them, so does the distance. He doesn’t know how to show her that he’s all in, and honestly doesn’t know if she’s in at all. When an accident changes everything, they’ll have to decide if what they have can be salvaged, or if starting over is the answer. Or even possible.
Without fighting, without a true new beginning, sometimes, the remnants of what was lost can leave anyone jagged, shells of what they were before. It will take more than the idea of forever for Roxie and Carter to find themselves again, but as the Montgomerys know, nothing worth fighting for is easy.


  • Carter and Roxie!! Amazing!!

    By Sweetpeawyatt
    This book gives you all the feels! Loved Roxie and Carter! This book is absolutely amazing and I’ve enjoyed all of the books from this series each one has been excellent in there own way. I couldn’t get enough of the book once I started the pages flowed and the vivid storytelling keeps the reader engaged. Overall, I highly recommend.
  • Loved it

    By shearra
    Absolutely loved this book. Started out in a major low but ended on a great high. Loved how she told a great story and kept you on the edge of your seat. Can’t wait for more
  • Roxie & Carter

    By girlygirlmegs
    “Jagged ink” finally lets us in on what’s happening with Roxie and Carter. First year newly wedded bliss isn’t exactly blissful when your husband gets injured, your family continues to have issues, and everyone around you is suddenly having babies. This story was good, but I felt like there were some parts lacking. It also ties all the Colorado Springs Montgomery’s up together while introducing us to the Boulder bunch.
  • So Good!!

    By Rhiltonnm
    I have anticipated this book since we met Roxie and Carter in Fallen Ink. We have hints that they were struggling, yet no further information. This book was a page turner and it was took me on an emotional rollercoaster. Both characters are hurting so much and can't talk to anyone to help open the lid of their emotions to begin the healing. Once the lids were cracked then the healing began. This story reminds you that when you isolate yourself you take your biggest cheerleaders out of the picture. I loved the story and all at he emotions that went with it. I so enjoyed getting to know Landon a little better and the introduction to Liam. Well Done!!!
  • An emotional ride!

    By Crystal's Book World
    Jagged Ink was breaking my heart from chapter after chapter. To understand the torment and shadows that haunt Carter and Roxie. I really thought this was it. A Montgomery was not going to have their HEA. Carrie Ann Ryan sends a powerful message about marriage. Patience and love should trump all. But what about the in between? Should Carter and Roxie give up? I still have the chills creeping up my skin. My heart cried out for these two. I am still left with these two on my mind. I love the Montgomery's forever. But with Jagged Ink, you see that they will not judge or take sides. They will wait out the storm. A truly beautiful story about ever lasting love. If you are married, it will make you hold on tight to your significant other.
  • Second Chances

    By mrsliedy
    I really loved this book! I have read very few books with couples that are already married. This book was an emotional roller coaster. Marriage has ups and downs just like a roller coaster and takes lots of work to last. Sit back and grab your Kleenex. You will need it for this wonderful second chance story.
  • You’ll need tissues for this one.

    By Cyanpooh
    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader’s Copy of this book We have come to the end of the Colorado Springs branch of the Montgomery tree with Roxie and Carter’s story. If you are new to Carrie Ann Ryan”s Montgomery clan don’t fret you won’t be lost as each book in the series is a stand alone story, reading the other stories isn’t mandatory it’s just plain FUN!!! Roxie and Carter’s story is a little different because they are already married, but that marriage is coming to a end and it isn’t because of a lack of love. Ryan shows us what a lack of communication does to a marriage with this one and boy does she just rip those heartstrings apart with it. As I said a lack of love is not what drives these two, Roxie and Carter have soo much love for each other that it is a beautiful thing and seeing that fall apart is just awful, however there is a happy ending in sight. Falling apart, divorce papers, and a blind date is the push that is needed (Wow that is one heck of a push) to get Carter to see that what they need is communication and to fight for them. Only Ryan can rip you apart and put you back together with a nice little bow and introduce the next Montgomery Branch in one awesome story. She also showed me that no matter what talk to your partner, no matter what it is or how you think you’re being strong for them by not talking, because in the end it will just end up hurting you both more.
  • An emotional must read!

    By RowenaB10
    A marriage that started strong finds themselves in the brink of such emotional pain that will cost them more heartbreak. This newest release was such an emotional read with likable characters and a storyline that is relatable. One click this romance read that will have your heart hurting then heal as these couple find their deserved HEA. I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book.
  • Jagged Ink

    By Chicky345
    Jagged Ink is the third book in the Montgomery Ink: Colorado Springs series. Roxie is the youngest of four, and has always been surrounded by lots of protective family ready to lend a hand. But Roxie is constantly wanting to prove her independence and her capability to herself and pushing it onto her husband Carter. Carter has been an orphan since his parents died when he was 18. He knows what it means to have nothing and have to survive. He also knows what it meant to have a family again and be included with the Montgomery's once he married Roxie. and now its all being taken away again. Neither knows how to help the other, how to reach the pain each of them are holding to so tightly, and neither of them knows how to talk about the big things that rocked their still new marriage to the core until its must this side of too late. Then all the card are on the table, and no one is wanting to let go. I really loved this conclusion to the CS Montgomery. i know they will still be in other books and we sill see their lives progressing but i loved Roxie and carter being the last couple. it shows how much they ha to go through together while the other couples where finding each other and nee love. what they were suffering - in silence- even though everyone knew they protected them more by not asking. cant wait for the next spin off series to begin!
  • All the Feels!!

    By Dmconnolly23
    Roxie and Carter’s story is my new favorite Carry Ann Ryan story!! My emotions were all over the place and tears fell more than once. It was definitely worth the wait!!!