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Broken Edge

By CD Reiss

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Their love was born in the fires of war, and into war they return.
Caden is called back to Baghdad as a trauma surgeon. Left to her own devices, Greyson hunts the last, mysterious clues to Blackthorne Solutions-the company that administered her husband's treatment.

The trail dries up. In order to saves the man she loves, she has to accept a job from Blackthorne and—against Caden's wishes—follow him to Iraq.

Now in the belly of the beast, she learns all too well what Caden went through, and she learns how to remedy what was done to him.
But will he accept the treatment?
And will she still love him when he's whole?
The Edge
Rough Edge
On the Edge
Broken Edge
Over the Edge


  • Not as edgy as the other books.

    By starstacy
    I gave the first two books 5 stars; I loved them & was on the edge of my seat the whole time. This book felt different to me, so I am only giving it a generous 4 stars. This book gave me answers to questions about Caden which was good. But I didn’t feel the passion in this book; it felt more like filler. The cliffhanger is a doozy that I did not see coming, so I will definitely be reading the final book.
  • Masterful!

    By seansmother
    Another masterful story. Even though I had a feeling of dread reading most of this book, I was on pins and needles and read this in one day because I could not put it down. There are a lot of moving parts in this story and it’s fun trying to figure out how the puzzle will fit, even knowing the chance of you actually being right is slim to none. This is a story that will stay with you forever. The characters will haunt you. The writing is incomparable.
  • Cam Shattered Parts Be Repaired?

    By Fairest Reviews
    As C.D. Reiss’ The Edge Series continues, my mind becomes even more of a jumbled mess, leaving me with more questions than answers, but the maelstrom in my mind also heightens my interest and my demand to understand everything that’s happening to Greyson and Caden, both individually and as a married couple. How far would someone go for love? That seems to be the question continually posed in The Edge Series, and with Broken Edge being the title of book 3, it’s clear that Greyson and Caden haven’t quite reached their breaking point yet, but what’s also quite vividly exposed is the idea that there may come a time in the not so distant future where either one or both of them might be too broken to be repaired and what that means for a couple who has endured countless obstacles and continue so to somehow survive is still open-ended, leaving nothing but circumstantial insights, which in no way helps readers to reach a valid thought as to how Greyson and Caden’s story will end. The only idea that I can say with 100% surety is that Greyson and Caden are nowhere near the people readers met at the onset of their story, and while I’m sure some of that has to do with the fact that both characters have been thoroughly stripped bare as each book in their series is released, my other thought is that Greyson and Caden were on unstable ground even back then, which may indicate that while they attempted to project their stability, the unraveling has happened over the course of the these three parts, forcing themselves and readers to face some harsh truths about who these two characters are and what their true versions signify. C.D. Reiss has definitely declared psychological warfare on her readers’ minds, and while that declaration leaves readers reeling, what it also indicates is just how skilled Reiss is at constructing a multifaceted and unpredictable story line - one that does not follow a linear path but rather ebbs and flows as situations arise and as the minds of these characters begin to deconstruct, willingly choosing to be bent and battered, even if it means there’s no coming back. I can’t even begin to assess how far ‘over the edge’ Reiss plans to take her characters, but what I do know is I can’t flipping wait to understand exactly what each exposed secret and weakness means for Greyson and Caden and just how difficult it will be to bring each other back once they’ve fallen so far beyond what they thought possible. 4.5 Poison Apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)
  • Ah, How I feel The Broken Edge!

    By Cha_CharitaReads
    This is a phenomenal read! I am so engrossed into Caden and Greyson’s story. I can’t wait for the final installment in this series in August! Christine Reiss is The Goddess os words that are felt rather than just read on a page. This is a MUST READ!!
  • Better and better...

    By Cindy M. Green
    The Edge Series by CD Reiss keeps getting better and better. The turbulent relationship between Caden and Greyson has completely captured my attention and heart! This unconventional couple is intense, real, honest and completely breaks the marriage mold. Nothing they do or say is obvious. Just when I think they’re going to turn left, they turn right. I am on the edge of my seat anticipating their next move and have a delightful case of whiplash trying to figure them out. Plain and simple, Caden and Greyson beat to their own drum and it is LOUD and POWERFUL! The love these two share bleeds, truly bleeds off the pages. I am consumed by every encounter they share. It’s like Caden and Greyson live in their own little world and everything around them is just white noise. Greyson is stronger and more determined than ever to stick by her husband’s side through better or worse. Caden continues to put his beautiful wife on a pedestal, he realizes she is the glue he needs to stay sane through their difficult journey. I’ve never been so excited to read cliffhangers in a series before. You know they’re coming, all you can do is ride the wave and bask in the craziness. This story has it all; truth, lies, passion, questions and more questions. We’re getting answers, but I know without a doubt CD Reiss is going to keep us hanging by a thread in the final installment. I honestly cannot fathom where we are going to end up with this incredible couple, but I will be first in line to find out!
  • Amazing!!!

    By rlamlt
    This is the third installment to the saga of Caden’s mental instability and Greyson trying to help him deal with it. Caden is called into active duty from the reserves. Greyson is trying to cope with making sure he’s okay from a distance. These books are steamy and mind blowing. The entire series arc has been planned and executed with precision. Ends in a cliffhanger, but in the perfect spot. You must read the series in order. Absolutely amazing and gripping series.
  • Mindblowing

    By Deanna PinkLady
    I’m afraid that I may be a mind is all over the place after reading book 3 in The Edge Series. I thought this book would be narrowing the plot towards completion. Instead, it completely shook me with the ending. I had some suspicions about one of the characters and throughout this book my suspicions were validated but then this genius of an author took a left turn into OMGville. I really have no other word for it than that!! Caden and Greyson ground each other with an extraordinary love. They will do anything and all for each other even if it’s to their own detriments. While their love is fierce, there is a toxicity as well. And that toxicity is dangerous and has a brutality that I wasn’t fond of. But as the story kept going, an understanding developed of the toxicity. Even though I understood more, I still am not sure I fully comprehended. So while some aspects of the story became clearer, other parts got cloudy and murky. And my fear is, can 2 broken souls survive the traumas of their past, traumas of war, traumas of manipulations and traumas of a renegade passion. I know to never expect an easy road with this author when she writes “dark”. It’s always full of bumps and potholes and curves that have you careening over they rails. I know I didn’t really tell you anything. This is a series that needs to be experienced page by page in its organic state. I liked finding the OMGs, the WHATs, the NO WAYs, and the IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING parts all on my own. I can promise you that this series will push your comfort zone and push you over The Edge!!
  • I hope you’re holding on for the ride!

    By Wendy LeGrand
    I'm not sure how much more complex and mind blowing this story can get! It picks up right where On The Edge left off, and the gravity of the situation with Caden takes on a whole new aspect that puts Greyson in a position she swore she would never be in, and hates to have to admit to. I knew better than to try and figure out what was going to happen in this book, just hang on and go along for the ride. But even with that mentality I still had plenty of jaw dropping moments. I really was not expecting the change in direction this story took. And here I was thinking that Caden was the unpredictable one! If you've followed the story so far, you know that Greyson and Caden have some pretty intense, hot steamy sex. Even with everything that is going on around them, they carve out time for the thing that bonds them together like nothing else. Anyone else ever get jealous when fictional characters are having way better sex than you've probably ever had in your entire life? No? Just me? Okay then... Moving on! Once again there is plenty of mind trickery going on in this story, and the deeper Christine takes us into the thick of it, the more convinced I am that I am just an ignorant dolt who shouldn't be allowed in the same room with someone who can weave such an intricately complex tale of two people who would move heaven and earth for each other. The question is, at what cost to self will they go, to ensure the other's health and safety? This one ends yet again with a cliffhanger. And I can't even imagine what is going to happen next. I just know that Christine is going to bring us to a mind bending conclusion with book 4, Over The Edge. I can't freaking wait!!
  • 5 Stars for Broken Edge!!!

    By Dirt Steve
    "I won't miss you...Because you'll be with me. You were always with me......My cells are tied to yours...….. Your strength keeps me upright when I think I'll fall. I can't shake you or forget you, because you run through my veins." Broken Edge (The Edge, #3) continues the Edge series, taking us further to an intensely unpredictable EDGE with Caden and Greyson! And no matter how "cutting, rough, broken" the EDGE feels, the most overpowering feeling for me is the cell-binding, vein-flowing, heart-pounding love of Caden and Greyson, I'm completely spell bound and about to combust with the NEED to know more, crazy with my want for these two to defeat every war waged against them, yet I'm also so incredibly wound up with nervousness for awaits them!! With each new book in this series my faith in all consuming love keeps growing stronger but at the same time my mind just keeps getting twisted around in the best wicked way!! I'm still dangling on this intense addictive mind bending EDGE and am loving every second of it!!!!
  • Completly on Edge!

    By ~Mindy Lou~
    The title's of this series is very appropriate because I am literally on edge reading each book! There should be background music playing as you read. The kind you get in movies that tell you something is about to happen. My nerves are shot. Especially after that ending. It's going to be incredibly hard to wait until book 4. I have no idea what's going to happen next and I can't even guess as to what's going to happen. I had a hard time moving onto a new book after I finished book two and I think I'm going to have the same problem with this one. There is just so much to speculate about and I can't mention any of it. Read this series but make sure you read it in order...that's very important.