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Rough Edge

By CD Reiss

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He's her husband, but he's not the man she married.
Caden and Greyson come home from deployment to build a life together. Everything is perfect, until Caden starts changing into a different man---one with a savage edge that's as dangerous as it is sexy.
Who is her husband?
What has he become?
And why?
The break between who Caden was and what he's becoming intensifies, while Greyson hunts down answers, putting together pieces of a puzzle that begins in Iraq and ends in their bedroom.
The cure may be worse than the disease, and as Caden's roughness hits new heights, so does Greyson's pleasure. She's falling in love with a man she never married---a man whose very existence is a mystery, and one she's hell-bent on destroying.
With time running out and forces bigger than their marriage working against them, Greyson needs to put together the pieces before Caden takes it all too far.
NY Times Bestselling author CD Reiss brings raw intensity to a couple so in love, they'll make the darkest of sacrifices to save each other.
The Edge
Rough Edge
On the Edge
Broken Edge
Over the Edge


  • Odd Read

    By Boerne Diva
    Well it was escapist reading but I don’t recommend this book.
  • WOW

    By Deanna PinkLady
    *Book 1 was the introduction to a huge revelation. *The Prequel set the stage of how this story started. Book 2........well it just solidifies the dark, sexual, troubling, volatile and loving relationship of Greyson and Caden and their life as they adjust to being civilians. The secrets and the dysfunctions are front and center and are enveloped in shades of gray. It’s shocking and disturbing at times as well as endearing and heartfelt. Emotions are taken on a wild roller coaster ride and sometimes it’s nauseating as well as thrilling. But mark my words, Book 2 squeezes your gut and never lets go!!!! This series has a major twist. You learn about it in Book 1. But to discuss aspects of that spoiler would be a disadvantage to a reader. You, the reader, should experience the twist as you read the book. So my review ends here. Just know that when reading a CD Reiss book.... the passion, intensity, and sometimes depravity are worded in extraordinary beauty. She writes with a lyrical prowess that ignites a story beyond measure. The Edge Series is darkness and emotions at its best. A mind trip to rattle, grip and seize your emotions and well being. This story ends of a cliffy of course. A cliffy that sets your imagination on fire trying to figure out scenarios for Book 3 that I’m sure will squeeze my gut even tighter than Book 2. CD Reis is both brilliant and depraved all rolled into one. A must read series so far!!
  • Stunning and compelling!

    By GreyGirl50
    I can’t remember the last time I dove into a book that kept me absolutely spellbound with a compulsion to get to the end of what I knew was going to be a stunning cliffhanger that would literally blow my mind! From the first page of the prequel to this series Greyson and Caden’s story has been like riding a roller coaster. You know there are going to be spins, turns and drops that will make your heart race but once the ride starts you have no choice but to hang on for your life and hope you survive the fall. Greyson and Caden’s story is all that and more. If you enjoy flawed characters that find themselves on a psychological thrill ride this is definitely the series for you.
  • This book is EVERYTHING right in a readers mind and an author’s story. Read it

    By Ashel05
    Wow. That’s what I got. Wow. This book, this book is brutal on your heart. Read the prequel. It’s good back story. In it you’ll meet Greyson & Caden. Both serving in the Iraq war in a medical capacity. That sounds so cut and dry. It’s not. It’s heart wrenching and breaking. Greyson is a career military psychiatrist, she’s responsible for the well-being of the medical personnel treating injured soldiers. Also she assists the injured as well. Caden is a surgeon in the army. Who at times can go 4-5 days with no break, real sustenance or rest. He’s a machine. Saving lives. The meet: She walks in on him changing and he smarts off. Then shows her the goods. (That’s in the prequel). Their connection and chemistry is instant. He tells her relatively quickly he wants her. It’s awesome. You feel the love they have for each other. In this book, I don’t want to even say anything because it is so out of left, I don’t want to ruin it for you. Let’s say. If you like her Submission series with Jonathan & Monica, YOU WILL LOVE THIS. If you are looking for a smoking hot read involving s&m, an alpha who loves his wife and she loves him... read this. If you are looking for a book that will break you, this is it. If you’re looking for a book that you ... FEEL. EVERYTHING. THEY. ARE. DEALING. WITH>>>> THIS IS IT!! Fair warning. There is consent. But there could be trigger warnings. I would say this is a dark read but different dark than you probably think. Think tears of Tess by pepper winters or Fiona’s story by Ms Reiss. Final warning. This is a 3.5 book series. 0.5 & 1 are out. 2 comes out on 6/12. So this does not wrap up in a sweet HEA this book. But with those warnings... I still say read this now!!
  • Rough Edge left me on the Rough Edge!

    By starstacy
    Rough Edge left me on the Rough Edge! I read the prequel, Cutting Edge, first, & I am glad I did. It is the story of how Caden & Greyson met, & it gives this book the grounding it needs because Rough Edge starts after they just got married. Rough Edge has an original plot, intriguing leads & intense intimate scenes which I loved. Through the whole book, I was trying figure out the what the twist would be, & when it came at the end it made my jaw drop! Mind blown! I cannot wait to read the second book! Again, I loved this book!
  • Brilliant Start to this Series!!

    4 1/2 STARS!!! Rough Edge is C.D. Reiss at her best!! There is no other author out there who writes with such intensity, darkness, and psychological twisting like C.D. Reiss!! She knows how to grab you from the page go and hold you until the very last page while leaving you wanting more of the diabolical-ness that she has been serving you...and that prepared to just jump on the ride and not know where it will take, but know this is for sure, it is a ride that you will not want to get off!! Rough Edge is a powerfully intriguing, psychologically-twisting, masterly crafted original story about a couple that is fighting to save their marriage, and the extremes that they are willing to go through for their marriage. Caden and Greyson are both doctors who met and married while in the military, but who are now civilians, and are trying to navigate civilian life together in NYC, but there are "demons" from the past that are trying to break though and insert themselves into their marriage. And the devices that they employ to navigate these rough waters will have you so twisted up inside and on the edge of your seat, praying for relief for them and for you. Caden and Greyson are two very strong-willed people, but are also very dependent on each other, because their relationship is a total drug for each of them. And at this point, whether they want to admit it or not, they need each other to survive, because each one brings out the deep, dark, intense, fantasies of the other. So, if you are looking for a story with an original plot line that will have you on the edge of your seat, and one in which you will have no idea where the story is heading, but you love the darkness and intensity, and the mind games along with the most intense sexual encounters you will ever read about then Rough Edge is for you. I highly recommend it. I cannot wait for book two in this wonderfully suspenseful series.
  • Blew my mind (in the best way)!

    By Lelypop1
    Greyson, a military psychiatrist, is now a civilian, settling into a new life, in a new city with her new husband, Caden, a heart surgeon whom she met while they were both deployed in Iraq. Caden’s love for Greyson is so clear, he may be one of the most romantic characters I’ve read in a long time. But Caden is starting to think there is something wrong with him and we have to wonder if Greyson can help him. This book blew my mind! It was everything. Not only did it keep me on the edge of my seat, it was passionate, hot as hell, exciting in every way, intriguing, heartbreaking, and a total mind bender. It left me questioning everything and wanting so much more, eagerly anticipating the next installment. Good thing we only have a few weeks to wait because I won’t stop thinking about Caden and Greyson the entire time. This is CD Reiss at her best, as hot as the Submission series with shades of Marriage Games on steroids. One of my top reads of 2018!
  • Rough Edge

    By BellaBean
    5 stars
  • Intense

    By Sandie Parsons
    Wow, this is such an intense story. Two doctors that have met and married in the military are adjusting to civilian life. I could feel the love between Greyson and Caden it was deep and respectful and then it was different. Then it became dark. Though book kept me on the edge of my seat and had my heart pounding as I read it and for a long time after. Can’t wait for the next one.
  • Rough Edge is only the beginning!!! And what a beginning!!!

    By Cha_CharitaReads
    Thank you C.D. Reiss for a phenomenal Book One of The Edge series! My heart is in my throat! Palpable, riveting, exceptional!! I am “on edge” for book 2 and the rest f the series; Can.Not.Wait. You are the Queen!