Rebel Yule (A Rookie Rebels Holiday Novella) - Kate Meader by  Kate Meader PDF Download

Rebel Yule (A Rookie Rebels Holiday Novella)

By Kate Meader

  • Genre: Holiday, Books, Romance, Contemporary
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Chicago Rebels goalie Erik gets his shot at love . . . but first he'll have to figure out what he did to offend the woman he's crushed on forever.
Casey Higgins, assistant to the Chicago Rebels owner, has a smile for everyone who comes into the front office—everyone but goalie Erik Jorgenson. And he has no idea why. For the last year, she’s refused to give him a kind word, and finally, he’s had enough. At the Rebels holiday party he’ll uncover the root of their mysterious conflict and show this woman that goalkeepers do their best work . . . on their knees.
Can a little Yuletide cheer get Erik into Casey’s good graces, warm bed, and frozen heart? Or will he fumble the puck and lose his chance? Join the Chicago Rebels this holiday season and find out if Erik is as good at saving Christmas as he is at saving goals!


  • An early holiday treat!

    By KSP91301
    A new Kate Meader book is always a treat, especially one involving the Rebel family. Christmas comes early with Rebel Yule, but it was the perfect time for the fun, festive read. Anyone who’s read the Rebel series has witnessed the ongoing tension between Casey and Erik. The affable goaltender has been completely baffled by her animosity towards him. He’s finally had enough and is determined to discover what he’s done to make her hate his guts. It’s both a relief and a little bittersweet to finally learn Casey and Erik’s backstory. I love the passion of a good enemies -to-lovers trope. Their contentious relationship as always given me those vibes, so it’s been fun watching the skirmishes – aka foreplay – between the two in the previous Rebel installments. Their sparks gave me life and kept me guessing at the reason. My guess was correct in the broader sense. I suspect most readers will be, but I’m not sure anyone could have anticipated the exact reason. It’s unique and refreshing. Kudos to the author for delivering the unexpected. Erik has always been the carefree, goofy Rebel. Who knew he’d also be one of the sweetest and most adorable? His love of his family, their holiday traditions, and his role as caretaker was endearing. I’m a huge fan of both Rebel series, so loved seeing many of my favorite characters in the more festive, celebratory holiday environment. Rebel Yule was a fun addition to the series. Even though I just reread the series, it makes me want to dive back in again.