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Mafia Bride

By CD Reiss

  • Genre: Suspense, Books, Romance
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An epic mafia romance trilogy that sets a new bar for just how dark a hero can get, from NY Times Bestselling author CD Reiss.
Some girls dream of marrying a prince, but I never imagined I’d be sold to a king.

Santino DiLustro.

The king. 
The monster. 
The keeper of secrets.

When he forced me to marry him, I cried for love I’d never know.
When he locked me away, I cried for the freedom I lost forever.
Every other tear I’ve shed is for my soul, because I’m falling for the devil himself.

Book one of three in the The Dilustro Arrangement.


  • Wow!

    By cindyweidemann
    A phenomenal story of a king, Santino and his Violetta. Violetta is living her life as a nursing student in a large Italian family. She is surrounded by the love of her aunt and uncle- her zia and zio - until the day Santino DiLustro claims her as his. He is in his 30s she is 19. He is king she is his bride. He loves hard with his black heart. She is trying to protect her broken heart. She is strong and his weakness. Mafia Bride is an amazing book one of a trio. Well done CD Reiss! #mafiabride #italianfamily #santino #violetta #wearred #lifeofaboss #heisking #sheishisqueen #cliffhanger
  • Loved it!

    By MegM927
    5 Stars Oh. My. Freakin’. Goshhhhhh! CD Reiss hit this book out of the park. She is bringing us back into a world full of crime, danger, and an alpha hero that knows no bounds. I am TOTALLY here for it if you can’t tell. Mafia Bride is the first book in the DiLustro Arrangement and all I can say is that Reiss brings her A game with this story. I fell in love with Santino and Violetta from the very first page. Santino is dangerous and like a moth to a flame, Violetta doesn’t know whether to fear him or if she should trust him. You can feel their connection coming through the pages and as their story unfolds I don’t know what to think. The storyline is intriguing and full of twists and turns. I am seriously waiting on pins and needles for the next installment. Highly recommend reading this book!
  • Love this new world!

    By april R H
    This new series introduces Santino Dilustro mafia boss and the beautiful heroine Violetta. Santino is dark and commanding,but has a soft spot for Violetta who has a innocence about her that is destroyed with a few simple words. This new world is sure to be a definite page turner. It’s a slow build up in this first book,as Violetta navigates her way through the ending of her old life,with this new one she didn’t ask for. The writing is superb drawing you in with its mysterious storyline and a twist you didn’t see coming. Can’t wait for the second book!’
  • A fine line between love and hate

    By jesixmary
    Violetta is thrown into a marriage of convenience with Santino diLustro, who's a powerful Italian mobster. After her family was killed as a young child, she went off to live in the United States with her aunt and uncle. Being raised in US soil gave her the illusion of freedom which is why she struggled in the beginning of their marriage. Violetta hated that she had been sold off to this Italian king. She didn't want to be married. She didn't want Santino. She wanted freedom to do as she pleased. Her body craves Santino. And truly the same goes for him. For me, Santino was the perfect mix of dark and brooding and soft and tender. He was "the king" when he needed to be. Santino has a soft spot for Violetta, even when she's trying to jab a reaction out of him. As the part of their story moves along, you can see the acceptance from both that they in their marriage for the long haul. But it ends in a bombshell...
  • Smoking hot, awesomely steamy, highly recommend

    By Ashel05
    *fans self* This book is fire! Literally Heat! I love the push and pull between Santino and Violetta! I love an arranged marriage vibe! And the writing is superb. The plot is grand! And I loveeeee the characters! I can’t wait for the next installment in the Dilustro Arrangement... I should also mention the filthy talk... seriously awesome Highly recommend