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By James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

  • Genre: Police Procedural, Books, Mysteries & Thrillers
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A crime lord has declared war on America. Only Detective Michael Bennett knows why.
Manuel Perrine doesn't fear anyone or anything. A charismatic, ruthless strongman, he slaughters rivals as effortlessly as he wears his trademark white linen suits. Detective Michael Bennett is the only U.S. official ever to succeed in putting Perrine behind bars. But now Perrine is out-and vows to find and kill Bennett and everyone dear to him.
Bennett and his ten adopted children are living on a secluded California farm, guarded by the FBI's witness protection program. Soon Perrine begins a campaign of assassinations, brazenly slaughtering powerful individuals across the country. The FBI has no clue where Perrine is hiding or how he is orchestrating his attacks, forcing Bennett to risk it all: his career, his family, and even his life.
With intensity, speed, and explosive action rivaling James Bond movies at their best-and featuring one of the most complex and chilling villains ever created-Gone is James Patterson at his astounding best.


  • Impressed

    By ma_wilson
    I liked this book, the story was well written, to the point, and not filled with a bunch of uneeded wording.
  • It really has Gone

    By Bmb6254
    Strong enough start, drags in the middle and then ends as if someone realized they had to wrap it up in twenty pages or less. All too rapid and unsatisfying an ending for a serious bad guy they spent a complete prior book building that ended in an unpublicized cliffhanger. So really two successive poor reads. Seems to have lost the fine edge that proved it could be both compelling and humorous in the prior books of the Michael Bennett series.
  • Gone

    By Carfar68
    This book was a total waste of my money. I finished it but was completely disappointed in it. I have disregarded some recent poor reviews of James Patterson's latest books, but I won't make that mistake again. Mr. Patterson, you should be embarrassed!
  • A page turner

    By Motidiva
    Riveting! Exciting! Interspersed with humor and wit that make it fun to read. Couldn't put it down.
  • Infantile

    By Bessie/Murray
    Dialogue was sophomoric plot simplistic efforts at humor weak . Pretext to get protagonist involved thin thin thin Patterson motivated by money outing his name on this drivel written by a nobody
  • Gone

    By LGCjr
    Good Job Mr. Patterson. Another outstanding book. As good or better than anything previous. Flash Gordon
  • Great book

    By Angelam3147
    Nonstop exciting book! Love it!
  • Know when to quit

    By Megwal
    Fro one-half of the story this was one of the best books I'd read in a long time. Great read! Unfortunately the second-half was almost horrible.
  • Treacly, sardonic dialogue gets annoying

    By M1Rate
    Moves along at an expected pace. Very thin on substantive details, which makes the action 2-dimensional and occasionally unbelievable. As in: cannot be believed because of poor craftsmanship. The repeated, treacly cheeriness of the main characters started making me root for the wrong side. Almost satisfying. Not a hot mess. But not good, either.