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By CD Reiss

  • Genre: Erotic Romance, Books, Romance, Contemporary
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*This is not a stand-alone* 

You MUST be at least to the end of Submit in order to start this. This handful of shorts is meant to be a reader that accompanies the Submission Series. 

It is four short stories, as follows…. 

JESSICA (to read after Submit) 
So, what exactly happened on the night of the Eclipse show? 
Why did Jonathan change his tune so radically after it. 
Find out here, in fine detail. 

SHARON (to read after Submit) 
We all know Jonathan had a sub up in San Francisco. What was their relationship like, and how did it end? 

RACHEL (to read after Burn) 
On the day of his engagement party, a young Jonathan in put under hypnosis and remembers things best forgotten. 

MONICA (to read after Sing) 
After the events of Sing, how did Monica handle her new life, her new definitions of herself, her career and where it fit in with her relationship? 
WARNING: Unbelievably hot, rough, sadomasochistic sex that will leave you in a breathless sweat. 

At some point, these stories are going to be bundled with SING as extras. I want to make them available to current readers for a limited time, so they don't miss out, or have to buy the Sing bundle to read them.