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One Night With Him

By CD Reiss

  • Genre: Romance, Books, Erotic Romance, Contemporary
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Jonathan Drazen’s my billionaire boss. 
Or he was, until he fired me. 
Now he wants to make a bet.
If I win, he’ll give me enough money to not care about this waitressing job.
If he wins, I’m completely and utterly his for the night.

I’m sworn off men, but I’ll take this wager. He’s hot enough to break some rules over. 
Besides, he’s still hung up on his ex-wife. There’s no chance he’ll want more after the sun comes up.
Just one night, and I walk away from his dark past and his hot demands.
I shouldn’t walk away.
I should run.
Turns out, when Jonathan Drazen wants something, he gets it, and after our one night, he wants me.

Previously released as Beg Tease Submit and Sub mission. If you're looking for the Audie-Award nominated audiobook version, check these titles.


  • Well..

    By RomanceBookJunkie#2
    I enjoyed how the book started. But I could not finish, as it was dragging on too slow for me.
  • EXQUISITE, well written , HOTTTTT

    By Bonnbm
    This was exquisitely written honestly too good to be free and I loved it. Characters feel real, with actual sane thoughts. BDSM in a realistic light... for me at least. 10/10 would highly recommend. My only thought would be that this is a really white world the character live in. Meaning the ppl are mostly white I think all of them are actually and that was the only unreal part for me.
  • One Night

    By rboone2013
    Couldn’t put it down. Great book!
  • Well written

    By Travelqueen77
    Well written, but needs more detail to sex scenes.
  • Intense romance

    By Sully MN
    Monica finds out what all women know - it’s hard to have a NSA relationship with any man much less a man that you care for or a man that fulfils your sexual needs completely.
  • Submission

    By Tiggy/Cookie
    Not my usual kind of book, but I got caught up in it. Very well written. I feel compelled to find out what happens.
  • Loved it - the whole series!

    By Pinkdew24
    I had a hard time putting this series of books down. Everything Ms. Reiss writes is amazing. She tears out my heart, and hands it back to me - only stronger. Jonathon and Monica are pains in the rear - but in the end, they proved themselves. I would laugh at parts, smile, and actually cry and have to put the books away for a while ... a few minutes... and go back for more. I read the whole series in a week and I highly recommend them.
  • Love it!

    By Summer_06_87
    Kept my interest, could not put the series down!
  • Best Series EVER

    By abm0715
    This is how erotica should be written. It has a plot, amazing writing. CD Reiss uses her words like a knife to cut you open and bleed you out. Then she stitches you back up and leaves you begging for more.
  • Fantastic!

    By RexyLovesBooks
    Loving the intense, raw feeling of this couple